teinitytöt kirjoittavat surullisia runoja

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Olen kirjoittamassa tarinaa unestani, jonka näin tuossa viikko sitten. Siitä unesta lähtien olen alkanut laatimaan Roselle elämää. Sanoja on jo rapiat 2k. Haluasin, että olisin jo kirjoittanut enemmän, mutta taidan olla liian itsekriittinen.
"Teenage girls write sad poems about how guys destroyed their hearts. How they left them broken and hopeless. I thought that was what love it for the longest time. I thought that in order to be in love you had to be sad and hopeless, and the perfect man would come and pick you up, and tell you that everything is going to be okay. But then I met you when everyday was a bad day. You were my main source of happiness. I was codependent on your smile. I needed your eyes to look at me in order to have a good week. But then you left. Then the bad days turned into worse days. I had to learn to hold my own hand. I had to tell myself that everything was going to be okay, and then I had to make things okay. After that, I saw you again when I was having good days. You didn’t make me smile, but you made me smile even brighter. You didn’t make me happy, I did that. But you made me happier."
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